Laser System

Elevate your events with Action Entertainment's cutting-edge laser displays, powered by Pangolin Laser Systems. With FDA, ILDA, and ANSI certifications, our shows guarantee both safety and spectacle. Immerse your audience in a world of light and sound unlike any other. Experience the thrill with Action Entertainment today.

The Wonders of Laser Technology

Lasers work by emitting a concentrated beam of light through a process called stimulated emission. This process involves exciting atoms or molecules to higher energy levels, causing them to release photons in a uniform direction. The resulting coherent light is then amplified and focused using mirrors or lenses, producing a powerful and precise beam of light with various possible effects.

The Safety of Laser Shows

Action Entertainment lasers prioritize safety. Rigorous yearly inspections ensure compliance with safety standards, including proper calibration and maintenance, and testing before each show guaranteeing worry-free enjoyment of dazzling laser shows while ensuring a completely safe environment for the audience and crew.